"SHINE" Sales Training Program

Our Program:

Job Rotations

Our 12-month program will create an individualized experience for each participant rotating through almost every major function within our company. All participants can expect the following: 4 months immersed in Operations, Warehousing, and Logistics, 4 months rotating through Customer Service, Accounting, Purchasing, and Sourcing, and a final 4 months in Sales getting prepared to be successful in their new role.

Mentor Assignment

A mentor will be assigned and will help each participant adapt to the company and its culture. The mentor will be a veteran Sunbelt employee who will serve as a confidant and support system throughout the training program.

Product Knowledge / Development Training

Participants will receive a minimum of 120 hours of product knowledge training during the program. This training will occur by on-line course work, field work, or a blended combination of both.

Program Evaluation

Throughout the 12-month period, participants will be asked to complete projects and give presentations on their progress and development. These checkpoints will serve as a way for us to assess progress and serve as a way to evaluate the program as a whole.

Are You Ready To "SHINE"?


SMI employees are dedicated to service for our communities, our customers, and our company. Without our communities we wouldn’t have our customers and without our customers we wouldn’t have our company.


Since its founding in 1976, SMI and its employees have worked hard to get to where we are today and this mentality continues to drive us today. Our company is no stranger to hard work in an industry that demands it.


Investing in a company can be a great way to get ahead. Investing in an employee-owned company like SMI means that your investment isn’t just about financial returns, it’s about investing your time, energy, and future in your company, your co-workers, and most importantly, yourself.


Being number one isn’t just about being the biggest. It’s about being the number one destination for our vendors, number one choice for our customers, and the number one option for our employees.


Entrepreneur doesn’t have to be a singular term, at SMI our company was built by entrepreneurs and thrives in an industry of entrepreneurs. Our employees are passionate about their jobs, taking the initiative to go above and beyond to make our company grow and exceed expectations.

The perfect candidate will be someone who embodies the "SHINE" values of our program as well as the following:

Education & Experience

  • Previous plumbing experience is not needed, because we teach you all you need to know.
  • Bachelor's degree required (major or focus of study/degree is not specific).
  • Strong GPA.

Willingness to potentially relocate.

Those who complete the program head into their new positions with confidence, knowledge, and advanced expertise in our industry.

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