"SHINE" Training Program

Our Program:

Job Rotations

Our 12-month program will create an individualized experience for each participant as they rotate through almost every major function within our company. All participants can expect 4 months in Operations/Logistics, 4 months in the office rotating through various departments, and a final 4 months focused specifically on the future department of each participant.

Product Knowledge / Development Training

Participants will receive all necessary product knowledge and training to be successful in their future positions. No prior experience is needed, as we give you everything you need.

Mentor Assignment

A mentor will help each participant adapt to the company and its culture. Serving as a confidant and resource through the training program.

Program Evaluation

Participants will complete projects and give presentations on their progress and development. These checkpoints will serve as a way for us to assess progress and to evaluate the program as a whole.

Are You Ready To "SHINE"?

Success in the program is obtained by understanding and living the following attributes:

My SERVICE makes me SHINE.

My HARD WORK makes me SHINE.


My commitment to NOW makes me SHINE.


The perfect candidate will be someone who embodies the "SHINE" attributes as well as the following:

Education & Experience

  • Previous plumbing experience is not needed, because we teach you all you need to know.
  • Bachelor's degree required (major or focus of study/degree is not specific).
  • Strong GPA.
  • Willingness to potentially relocate.

Those who complete the program head into their new positions with confidence, knowledge, and advanced expertise in our industry.

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