The HepvO self-sealing waste valve

1¼” or 1½” In line or Angled adaptor with slip joint connection.
1½” Threaded Connection to Fixture or Adaptors Supplied With Kit.
Compact design means HepvO is ideal for installation in confined areas.
Prevents the escape of foul sewer air from waste discharge systems. Actively maintains a pressure equilibrium in soil and waste installations. Prevents waste water back-up into appliance.
Silent operation – no gurgling.
Eliminates need for water seal. Therefore no evaporation or siphonage of trap.
The outlet is provided with a universal slip joint connection which is designed for use with 1½” plastic or metallic tube.

Introducing HepvO

HepvO is a self-sealing waste valve that can be installed as an alternative to a conventional water P-trap. HepvO is different to traditional P-traps as it uses a soft silicone rubber membrane to create a seal, instead of “trapped” water. HepvO can be installed vertically or horizontally and is available in 1¼” and 1½” dimensions. In line adaptors and angle adapters are available as part of the system.

HepvO is currently being widely used in North America including: Motor Homes, Tiny Houses, RVs, Campers, Boats, Yachts and Concession Trailers. It is also gaining widespread popularity as a reliable problem solver in residential and commercial plumbing installations especially in vacation homes, condos, cabins, guest bathrooms, bar sinks and all fixtures with low, intermittent or seasonal use.


Picture of RV's and Campers

RV’s & Campers

Because HepvO is a waterless trap system, it performs successfully in RV’s and other moving vehicles where traps can lose their seal through movement and vibration. HepvO also doesn’t fail by freezing or evaporation – so there is no risk of foul odors entering the RV. Used throughout the RV – an ‘odor free’ coach can be achieved. A HepvO valve can replace the air admittance valve and clean out as well as a P-trap leading to simplified pipework and installation.

Picture of Houses in Hot Climates

Hot climates & infrequent use

HepvO is great to use in situations of infrequent use such as holiday homes, guest bathroom and RV’s. Traditional P-traps can lose their seal via evaporation if not used for an extended period or in hot climates. This leads to foul odors escaping in the dwelling. As HepvO uses dry seal technology, it can’t fail due to evaporation. It is also can’t fail by freezing – so no ‘winterizing’ by draining down or adding antifreeze is required.

Picture of Residential Homes

Residential & Commercial

HepvO is a slimline design that can be fitted vertically or horizontally, maximising cupboard space.  The slimline profile also makes it ideal to install horizontally (with angle adaptor) under the bath, without need to cut into the floor – often a problem with P-traps.


General plumbing

Introduction to HepvO
Install HepvO under a bath
Install HepvO under a sink

RV & Campers

Introduction to HepvO for RVs
Odor stopping in RVs
Space saving in RVs
Easy installation in RVs
Reduced maintenance in RVs
Added value for your RV



When we drove our RV water was splashing up on our mirrors in our bathroom. Dealer recommended replacing the P-trap with a HepvO, problem solved!
Rebecca – RV Show – Perry, GA
We rarely use a P-trap anymore, we use HepvO’s for the space savings!
Larry- Tiny House Builder – Washington
My P-Traps dries out and smells in less than 4 weeks. My friend told me HepvO solved the exact same problem for him!
Jason– National Hardware Show – Las Vegas


The HepvO valve is available in 1½” (BV1B/UB) and 1¼” (BV1B/UA) sizes. It is supplied in kit format which includes:

  • The HepvO self-sealing waste valve
  • The HepvO angled adapter for horizontal applications
  • The HepvO in-line adapter for installing the valve in a tubular pipe run

NB. For OEM’s, HepvO can be purchased separately. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Installation leaflets

1½" (BV1B/UB)1¼" (BV1B/UA)


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