Management Trainee Program

Mentor Assignment

A mentor will be assigned and will help the trainee adapt to the company and its culture. The mentor will be a veteran Sunbelt employee who will serve as a confidant and support system throughout the training program.

Job Rotations

Our 12-month program will allow trainees to rotate through almost every major function within our company. Each participant’s program is tailored to fit them as individual as well as Sunbelt’s current business needs. All participants will experience a 6 month “outside” rotation within our Operations/Warehouse department and an additional 6 month “inside” rotation gaining knowledge within our Customer Service, Purchasing, Accounting and Sales departments.

Product Knowledge / Development Training

Trainees will receive a minimum of 120 hours of product knowledge training during the program. This training will occur by on-line course work, field work or a blended combination of both.

Project Assignment

Projects will be assigned throughout the program. Trainees will be required to make presentations of their findings to members of the senior management team.

What we are looking for

Personal Character

  • Possess stamina & energy.
  • Have an awareness of what's happening in the commercial world.
  • Entrepreneurial instincts.
  • Carry a spirit of teamwork.
  • Passionate for challenging and rewarding work.
  • Focused on taking care of the customer.

Education & Experience

  • Previous plumbing experience is not needed, because we teach you all you need to know.
  • Bachelor's degree required (major or focus of study/degree is not specific).
  • Strong GPA.


  • Willingness to potentially relocate.

Those who complete the program head into their new positions with confidence, knowledge, and advanced expertise in our industry.

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